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                                      Benwei Lighting Warranty Information

Benwei Lighting provides 3-5 year warranty on our LED light sources(depending on what specification of purchase chooses). The warranty period is applied from the transaction date as evident on the purchase receipt. If a LED light becomes defective during the warranty period due to defects in the material or workmanship. the buyer is entitled to an equivalent replacement product or a refund upon presenting the defective product together with proof.

Benwei Lighting reserves the right to make final decision with regards to all warranty claims as well as to analyse any defective products. 
If necessary, you must return the defective LED Light to the place of purchase and pay the shipping cost.

This warranty does not apply if:
Products which has been damaged as the result of misuse
- Exposure to lightning or excessive or improper voltage or temperature below -40 degrees C or above 50 degrees C.
- The product has been damaged in handling or transport, by sabotage, animals, water, accident such as fire, extreme weather conditions, lightning strikes or similar events.

What If My Product Was Damaged In Transit?
On occasion a product will get damaged in transit, much to our regret, we will assist customers in seeking compensation from the entrusted logistics company.

Thank you for your support and we will be happy to help you.

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